Thursday, March 7, 2013


Object #: SCP-05

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Holding cell 403 at Omega Lab Sector-32 with a triple layer of lead lining the interior. 

Description: SCP-05 is a visually incapacitated human male, age unknown, with disfigured ankles and feet. Subject refuses to speak anything but Greek. Therefore, a translator and transcript must be present at all interactions with subject.

Subject was born in the Greek City of Thebes some years B.C.E, but it is unknown when exactly. Due to circumstances later in his life, subject was forced into exile. His anomaly of longevity was discovered when he outlived his daughter in his exile. The minimal details we have are that the city was experiencing a plague of some sort, and it was eventually blamed upon SCP-05.

SCP-05 lived a nomadic life until his discovery by the foundation in a colony of Tuareg people in the Republic of Tunisia where he was seeking refuge from the foundation. [REDACTED] casualties ensued, due to poor leadership of Dr.[EXPUNGED], with the swift demotion to D-Class for testing. 

Subject has encountered many Greek "myths" in his lifetime, and recalls defeating a Riddle-Sphinx in his youth. He is reluctant to speak of his personal path, but his knowledge of myths intersects with the foundation's policy to Secure, Contain, and Protect, and is therefore a vital asset to be protected at all costs.

However, the subject produces vast amounts of radiation - roughly beyond x-ray radiation levels. Proper gear must be worn within a 100-foot radius of the subject.

Interview Log 05-1206

(these logs have been translated into English for your convenience)


G: Good afternoon SCP-05. We will begin your psychological evaluation to assess your usefulness to the foundation. Do you understand?

05: I do not understand why I am here.

G: You have been detained so that we may assess your usefulness-

05: Why do you keep me?

G: If you do not cooperate, there are other methods available for use at my discretion. I suggest you submit. Remember, had cooperated when we found you, none of your friends would have died.

05: I am cursed, and the tribe knew this. I watched them die slowly, before you came! But they insisted! They embraced their death. For me! (see note A)

G: Were you a leader or prophet to them?

05: Prophesy is the only thing that ties me to this world, prophecy that the gods have forced upon me! My own blood, cursed by jealous gods before my own birth, my family! Oh, my family...cursed they were too, willing pawns of the god's will! The blood...the blood has been spilled! IT IS UPON ME, IT TEARS AT MY FEET! MY EYES!

G: 05, you must calm yourself before you become a liability to yourself. I do believe you will be useful to us, but I cannot help you if you cannot control yourself.

05: (silence)

G: Good. I will send word to my superiors that with counseling you can help us better understand and contain some of our current subjects.

G: (to radio) Disable the barriers and acquire the necessary gear for radiation.


Conclusion: Subject suffers from a mild psychosis, as exhibited in the interview. Common knowledge dictates that manifestations of psychosis are exhibited by involuntary actions that separates one from reality. Request to administer medication.

It can be deducted that the subject experienced or partook of an unethical action that he suffers from to this day. However, subject does not speak of or reference his past unless slipped into a psychotic episode. Request for psychosis inducing medication for testing. Radiation levels would be measured currently for irregularities.


A. Subject realized that his presence had an adverse reaction to those in extended contact with him.

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