Sunday, February 24, 2013


Object #: SCP-1970.205 
Class: Euclid 

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is kept at Secure Location # [REDACTED]. Holding area consists of adequate room for exercise, one (x1) bed, one (x1) dresser, and one (x1) telephone. Area outside the compound is patrolled by armed guards, specifically the parking lot. 

Description: SCP-1970.205 is an adolescent looking female with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Subject alternates between paranoia and a rebellious attitude, with the predominant attitude of rebellious and - oftentimes - uncooperative. The timidness in the subject increases as the sun begins to set, despite the holding cells lack of windows.  

There are 6 parts to the events SCP-1970.205 causes: 

1. Once the sun has started to set, subject exits their catatonic state 

2. A gold-painted old car with illegible writing appears outside of the facility. Previously, two anomalies would exit the car. After Incident 1970-001 (see below) only one subject (deemed SCP-1970.206) will exit the car. SCP-1970.206 appears to be a human male, estimated to be thirty years old. He has some type of powder on his face, but due to failed attempts to detain subject (which resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] staff casualties) it is unknown more physical details of this anomaly. Subject is not recorded on any device, and can only be observed in person. 

3. When SCP-1970.206 has appeared in the car, he will honk the horn between 3 and 6 times. At this point SCP-1970.205 will begin to exhibit acute paranoia. If there is not a phone within sight of the subject, a plain black dial phone will manifest. 

4. SCP-1970.205 will attempt to pick up the phone, and SCP-1970.206 will appear in the subject's room. A bleed takes place at this point, with the immediate area around SCP-1970.206 showing a screen door and the parking lot where the anomalous car is parked.  

5. At this point SCP-1970.205 will attempt to interact with the phone, which triggers a distortion field. This effectively incapacitates those within ten (10) feet without proper protection, but all within the affected are experience extreme nausea and become disoriented. SCP-1970.206 will remain unaffected. 

6. If SCP-1970.205 successfully picks up the phone and speaks into it, both SCP-1970.206 and SCP-1970.205 will disappear through the field. Method for retrieval is outlined below. If SCP-1970.205 fails to touch the phone, the field disappears and security is able to neutralize SCP-1970.206.  

INCIDENT 1970-001

Goldhirsch: Good evening Miss Connie. Are you adjusting well? 

SCP-1970.205: No. I don't like it here. Can I go outside? Maybe to a mall? I'm bored. 

Goldhirsch: I'm very sorry Connie, but you do not have clearance to leave this facility. In fact, it is fortunate you are alive here today. 

SCP-1970.205: What do you mean?  

Goldhirsch: Your previous interview with Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED](now deceased) show you had a stalker and kidnapper. Your family hired us to retrieve you, yet certain anomalies require we keep you here - for yours and other's protection. 

SCP-1970.205: I really have no idea what you're talking about. Last I remember my mom, dad, and sister were amount to go to some barbecue  I have no idea why I'm here or who you are. Maybe you're the ones who abducted me.  

Goldhirsch: You have been in a catatonic state all day, and have been at this facility for [DATA REDACTED].  
SCP-1970.205: What are you doing? What do you... 

(subject stands up and walks to the wall) 

Goldhirsch: Now Connie, it would really benefit us both if we could get to the -  

(At this point SCP-1970.206 appears next to the wall SCP-1970.205 is standing next to. SCP-1970.205 reaches for phone) 


At this point, [DATA EXPUNGED] casualties occurred. SCP-1970.205 remained with her legs drawn up and back to the wall, and the "phone" disappeared. Attempts to communicate with SCP-1970.205 was met with seemingly random mutterings. SCP-1970.206 was neutralized. 
ADDENDUM: In the event of SCP-1970.205 being taken through the field, another human male is seen with mirrored glasses.( In our attempts to neutralize SCP-1970.206, this unknown was unintentionally neutralized. Autopsies show the anomaly to be in an extreme state of decomposition, with the body rotting within hours - despite attempts to preserve it. ) SCP-1970.205 had the tracker intact when taken through the field, and was found at 

[DATA EXPUNGED] Diner, nearly three hundred (300) miles away from the facility. SCP-1970.206 was not found on the premises. SCP-1970.205 fiercely resisted re-containment, claiming that their father was going to be at their location soon. 

CONCLUSION: SCP-1970.205 is stuck in a loop (defined by recurring events everyday and no recollection of previous days beyond the start of the loop), and more than likely manifested SCP-1970.206. In the event of a kidnapping from SCP-1970.206, all personnel within the immediate area will experience intense paranoia and worry, regardless of their knowledge of SCP-1970.205. Symptoms persist until SCP-1970.205 is located and contained. Request to upgrade security parameters.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Item #: SCP-1948.539
Object Class: Safe 

Special Containment Procedures: Perimeter is maintained around the compound by armed guards. They are equipped with lethal and non-lethal containment weapons.

Description: SCP-1948.539 is a rural area located at [INFORMATION REDACTED]. The inhabitants are afflicted with a memetic virus which is contracted after prolonged exposure to SCP-1948.539.

The memetic virus originates from a rotting black box of unknown make and substance (designated SCP-1948.539 A) that the inhabitants call "The Lottery." Annually, they gather in the center of SCP-1948.539 to draw names for a violent stoning ritual. When inhabitants begin placing names into SCP-1948.539 A, any humans entering the area will automatically abandon their task and seek to place their name in SCP-1948.539.

There has been success in infiltrating the compound and interviewing the the inhabitants. Due to the risk of memetic infection, extensive observation has been done to predict precisely when the lottery will take place. Below are the interviews.


This interview is conducted by Dr.Goldhirsch with an inhabitant of SCP-1948.539 who calls themselves "Bill."

Bill: Now Garrett, I can't be sittin' inside all day yapping with you. The fields need tilling.

Goldhirsch: Bill, it's just a simple evaluation. My organization wants to make sure you are stable after last year's lottery.

Bill: The Lottery is necessary, Garrett. The crops would fail otherwise. Society would fall apart! Ask Mr.Summers if you don't believe me! (subject begins to speak with an edge of panic).

Goldhirsch: I am not questioning the validity of...what goes on here Bill. How is your family taking the recent lottery?

Bill: The kids are pickin' up for the slack the missuhs left behind sir. They know why she had to do it too, an' they 'aint complainin'. Everyone knows it had to be done, no way around it. No way around it.

Goldhirsch: Do you feel guilty about what happened? 

Bill: Guilty? Why in the hell would I feel guilty? It had to be done! If we didn't, bad things will happen! I saved this village! We all have blood on our hands Doctor! It has stained our souls and will never wash off! Don't you understand? 

Goldhirsch: Bill, you need to sit down or-

Bill: Or what, Doctor? You'll talk me to death? I am god dammned tired of your yappin.' It's 'bout time you stopped. 

(Subject was forcibly restrained and administered Class A amnesiacs. The session ended.)

CONCLUSION: Subject is experiencing a lesser effect of the virus most likely due to his familiarity with the last year's sacrifice. However, the subject is suffering a form of survivor's guilt that cannot be remedied with counseling that ends with amnesiacs that clear the previous week's events. Request to continue working with subject without amnesiacs.