Thursday, March 21, 2013


Item #: D-1027

Class: Safe Decommissioned

Containment Procedures: Subject is stored in Holding Cell 43-A, no further security necessary.

Description: D-1027 is a human male, aged 37, that was re-collected following a series of complaints from New York City's Central Park about a man who was harassing civilians. Subject was previously used for testing and was accidentally released following a procedure that rendered him mentally disabled and subsequently useless for assignments above D-level testing.

The harassment claims are as follows:

  • Stalking people around the park
  • Constantly speaking over and to others in a threatening manner
  • Enticing people to "stab" him with a false knife. It is unknown if the subjec knew the knife was non-lethal.
  • Psycho-analyzing people, often accurately and to the point of discomfort. Subject does not posses psychic abilities.
  • Inappropriate "story telling"
  • Territorial behavior

Note: It turns out severing a good chunk out of the hippocampus can turn a man almost feral. Let's try not to release D-subjects in society next time.


  1. That's crazy how the system seems to fail sometimes and someone like this is released. Good thing he didn't come across the wrong person or something worse would have happened...when the way he acts is not truly all his fault.

  2. Absolutely amazing. I have read about this case and would think there would be more pressure (law/psychoanalytical) on the man that did the stabbing. It is a shame that people are released into society with known habits such as these, meaning to or not. Someone of this mental state should have never been left a chance to escape.