Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Item #: SCP-1948.539
Object Class: Safe 

Special Containment Procedures: Perimeter is maintained around the compound by armed guards. They are equipped with lethal and non-lethal containment weapons.

Description: SCP-1948.539 is a rural area located at [INFORMATION REDACTED]. The inhabitants are afflicted with a memetic virus which is contracted after prolonged exposure to SCP-1948.539.

The memetic virus originates from a rotting black box of unknown make and substance (designated SCP-1948.539 A) that the inhabitants call "The Lottery." Annually, they gather in the center of SCP-1948.539 to draw names for a violent stoning ritual. When inhabitants begin placing names into SCP-1948.539 A, any humans entering the area will automatically abandon their task and seek to place their name in SCP-1948.539.

There has been success in infiltrating the compound and interviewing the the inhabitants. Due to the risk of memetic infection, extensive observation has been done to predict precisely when the lottery will take place. Below are the interviews.


This interview is conducted by Dr.Goldhirsch with an inhabitant of SCP-1948.539 who calls themselves "Bill."

Bill: Now Garrett, I can't be sittin' inside all day yapping with you. The fields need tilling.

Goldhirsch: Bill, it's just a simple evaluation. My organization wants to make sure you are stable after last year's lottery.

Bill: The Lottery is necessary, Garrett. The crops would fail otherwise. Society would fall apart! Ask Mr.Summers if you don't believe me! (subject begins to speak with an edge of panic).

Goldhirsch: I am not questioning the validity of...what goes on here Bill. How is your family taking the recent lottery?

Bill: The kids are pickin' up for the slack the missuhs left behind sir. They know why she had to do it too, an' they 'aint complainin'. Everyone knows it had to be done, no way around it. No way around it.

Goldhirsch: Do you feel guilty about what happened? 

Bill: Guilty? Why in the hell would I feel guilty? It had to be done! If we didn't, bad things will happen! I saved this village! We all have blood on our hands Doctor! It has stained our souls and will never wash off! Don't you understand? 

Goldhirsch: Bill, you need to sit down or-

Bill: Or what, Doctor? You'll talk me to death? I am god dammned tired of your yappin.' It's 'bout time you stopped. 

(Subject was forcibly restrained and administered Class A amnesiacs. The session ended.)

CONCLUSION: Subject is experiencing a lesser effect of the virus most likely due to his familiarity with the last year's sacrifice. However, the subject is suffering a form of survivor's guilt that cannot be remedied with counseling that ends with amnesiacs that clear the previous week's events. Request to continue working with subject without amnesiacs. 

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